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Why It's Hard to Post Sometimes

Sometimes it's hard to post because: I'm busy, forgetful, tired...you name it. (Don't even start with the "those are just excuses" stuff--it's not like this is required. And really, I often do well to just get through the day.) But sometimes it's just about...not wanting to go public with, say, some new thing I'm gonna try as part of this project. I'm not so great with the follow-through, I'm afraid. So if I post about it and then I don't end up doing it much, or--it just doesn't "work," well, I don't relish the thought of explaining either scenario to people.

Speaking of which, another reason it's hard to post sometimes is that often, it doesn't feel like Project: Reclaim at all. It feels like Project: Regress. This isn't straight-line growth here, people. And--"deciding you're gonna commit to it" isn't enough. It's not like after making that commitment, my pain has really lessened all that much. *sigh* This shit is hard.
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