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Positive Thinking Me-Style Part 2

I don't usually post again so soon after another one, and I wasn't originally going to post this stuff--I no longer know why--but for some reason, now I feel compelled to.

In what is now Part 1 to this post, I talked about how I'd realized that one way I can start to "do" positive thinking in my life (historically a struggle for me) was to start with positive things that I already believe, including: things I like about myself.

So last month, I grabbed a blank book my sister had put in my stocking one year at Christmas but that I'd never used (sorry, Deb.). Pretty, isn't it? And I christened it My I Love Me book. Many nights before I go to sleep, I grab it and write in it one thing I like about myself.

Originally I wasn't going to share any of those tidbits either, but again--now I feel compelled to. So: I'm gonna start tweeting some of them! (If you're not already, you can follow me on twitter.) With each I Love Me tweet, I'll include the hashtag #ConniesProjectReclaim. (So, you know, if you wanna find all of 'em, it'll be that much easier. Side note: Don't think I'm not having an "Am I lame?" moment.)

I guess all of this is for the hardcore Connie's Project Reclaim follower...you know who you are. (And seriously, thank you for being who are. ;)


  1. Since we are "telling all" - I will say I don't recall giving you that beautiful book LOL.
    So glad you kept it and now using it in a beautiful way. Love you,D

  2. Fantastic idea! I can't wait to read some of the wonderful qualities you have recognized in yourself! I have a list that I began as well, but I asked some friends and family to help me along.


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