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Finally, Again, Starting to Dig

I'm almost scared to write this post. Because I've "started to dig" so many times...and never really saw it through. Never completed the task. I'm better (much better) at starting things than at finishing them. But, I know, that amounts to an excuse. There's also the fact that the stuff I have to dig into...it's sooo hard. Can ya blame me for getting weary? Sometimes I have only enough energy to get through the day--and barely that, at times. (I'm working on changing that, but it certainly doesn't happen overnight....If what I'm doing to change it ends up working, I'll definitely be posting about that!) Anyway, having said that, it's got to be done. I can't just keep living out the status quo of my life. (How many times have I said that?!?)

I've decided to not talk publicly about the specific thing I'm starting (again) to dig into. It involves other people, and it wouldn't be right of me to talk publicly about them and the things that have passed between us...on the Internet no less.

So I guess I'm saying: I could use support. (Note: I hardly ever say things like this. I've discovered I don't always ask for help easily. A whole other topic....) So: If we know each other really well, you have my permission to occasionally ask, "How's the digging going?" If you want to pray, send warm thoughts, wish me luck, whatever works...you're welcome to. And if you're willing to occasionally listen to me vent over coffee, well, that's certainly welcome too.

Now, I'm gonna go grab a shovel.

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