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Big Changes Coming to This Blog

Note: When this post was written, this blog a different name, Connie's Project: Reclaim, and it resided at conniesprojectreclaim.blogspot.com.

For a while now, I've had the urge to blog about a wider variety of topics than the title and scope of this blog cover. So--I've decided to expand it! And as a result, soon this blog will have a new name, a new domain (site address), and, to mark the change, a new design.

The new name will be A Road Less Traveled. As far as the new address, well--you've found it! And since most who come to this blog do so through links on Facebook and Twitter, which will continue to auto-post, getting to it will still be easy. The old domain (conniesprojectreclaim.blogspot.com) will display a link to this one.

So--what will I be writing about? Topics may include but will not be limited to:
  • reclaiming my life--I certainly won't be abandoning that topic. Speaking of which, all existing posts on this topic will have an additional "Project: Reclaim" tag added to them (meaning it'll show up in the tag cloud on the upper rightleft--and you can click on the tag to see all those posts if you're interested). For that matter all future posts on this topic will be tagged so, as well.
  • career
  • communications--language, grammar, typography
  • culture--books, music, movies, TV
  • adventures in Christian faith and doubt--including spiritual abuse, Independent Fundamental Baptist-ness, disillusionment
  • grief and loss--including widowhood and unwedded widowhood
  • emotional and physical health
  • makeup and skincare
  • music--as in my adventures in doing music
  • photography--my own and others'
  • relationships and singleness

So there you have it: new topics and a new look--coming soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Love it! I'm glad that your sense of self has expanded to all of these new and exciting fields. Isn't it great to not just blog "widow" anymore? I'm excited to stay tuned!

    1. Thanks, Jess! Not to put too fine a point on it, but widowhood was already only one of many things I was referring to with "Project: Reclaim." Sadly my plate has a lot of other "stuff" on it too. Anyway, thanks for reading!


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