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New Series: Books That Made a Difference

Yep, I'm an "old-fashioned books" kinda girl. (source)

Soon I'll begin a new, occasional series I'm calling Books That Made a Difference. And it'll be just that: books that, in some way, have made a significant difference in my life. Most will be non-fiction, some not; some will be (that much-maligned category) self help, some not. Sometimes I'll review a book more extensively than others.

Of course, just because a book has made a difference for me doesn't mean it will for you, so, ya know, take it for whatever it's worth to ya. ;) Speaking of which...

Unless otherwise noted, all reviews will be unsolicited and uncompensated. My reviews will always be my opinions alone and completely honest.

I'm super excited about the book I'm working on a review of right now, so watch for that soon! (Update: Here's that post.)

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