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My Happy-Makers Part 2

In part 1 I began listing some things that in and of themselves bring me some happiness. Here's another:

Photography. I love taking pictures, and nature is my favorite subject.

Edit: Here's one of my favorite pictures from my Sunsets collection on Webshots.com. You can browse all my Webshots albums here. Here's one of my favorite shots. You can see some of my best photography here. Hope you enjoy.

My Happy-Makers Part 1

Here's a couple of the things that already bring me a certain amount of happiness:
  • Singing. The very act of singing (unless I'm messing up, lol) makes me feel happy. When I'm up there, and I'm "in good voice," when I'm singing really well, and when others are enjoying it...I'm happy.
  • bareMinerals (the products) and Bare Escentuals (the company). Those who know me very well at all are quite familiar with my love for both--I don't want to bore any of them, so I'll nutshell it: The bareMinerals products I love because most of them are 100% natural, and they work great...which I believed before I started working for the company. And doing that has actually helped me emotionally, because when I started working there I was still in so much grief (from the passing of my fiance) and depression (practically life long from a number of sources--see the first post) that everything seemed "dark" to me. But going a few times a week to a place with a cheerful and fun atmosphere and working with awesome ladies helped ME be more cheerful and fun. Plus I got to help other women look and feel more beautiful and become a makeup artist in the process. Rock on!
So I guess those are the two biggies, as they pop right to mind when I think about this...but I'm sure there are more (hence the "Part 1"). Will add others as they occur to me!

It's All Very Overwhelming

Sometimes when I look at the sheer size of all the stuff I have to work through, it overwhelms me. (Well, duh...why do you think I've done barely anything about it for so long?) I'm not saying I won't work on it after all or that my commitment is wavering--it's just...easy to get discouraged.

I know, I know, "take it one step at a time." Well, that's easier said than done, especially if you know what all the steps are, and I'm not sure I do. Oh I know what some of the "big" ones are, but breaking it all down into little ones...right now I got nothin'.

Having said that, next time I'm going to write about some things in my life that already bring me (some measure of) happiness. Stay tuned.

Project: Reclaim Off to a Slow Start

That may be obvious, given that it's been fully a month since I created the original post....

Now, I have been working on one thing that I believe will contribute to my happiness, but I can't be super vocal about it--yet. I've told a select few, but publicizing the details will have to wait until they're finalized. Just a little something to keep you in suspense. ;-)

If you've not visited in a while...I've added a few gadgets here to make things a little more interesting. Let me know what you think. :)
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