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The Mighty Warrior Who Advises the King

As soon as I had the idea, I knew I had to do it. If I could get it in gold.

I'd seen the necklace before, several times. It's one of the many on the website that I'd viewed every page of, several times, searching for something that was "me." I mean, they donate to Soaring Spirits; how could I not get something? But most of their items are silver, and try as I might, I just don't like silver.

But then one time I noticed that the discs on this particular necklace also came in gold, though the chain did not. And that was when I got the idea. And I thought, "If they're at Camp Widow this time, I'll have to ask if I can get the chain in gold too."

I had to choose a different chain, but yes, I was able to order a gold one for this necklace.

And when she asked which letters I wanted on the discs...naturally, I said R, L, K.

That's how I refer to him sometimes when I mention him, like on Twitter or Facebook--RLK. But even more than that...I love the meanings of his names. I've loved name meanings for, like forever.

Ronald means "advisor to the king" (other meanings are "powerful," "mighty counselor/ruler"); Louis means "famous warrior."

Somehow...in the intervening years since I first looked up these meanings, "famous" turned to "mighty." Whatever. I'm not inclined to change it back, in my head.

And can I just say? Fitting. There were other aspects to him too, of course, but these meanings...they speak essential truths about him.

So...now, I have, always close to my heart, another tangible reminder of the mighty warrior who advises the king.

The Classic Initial necklace by Urban Sparrow Designs

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